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Charlottetown Audition Nov 3

CHARLOTTETOWN, PE Dance Stars Academy 13 Glen Stewart Dr

9:00 - 9:45 am : Audition 10-12 years
10:00 -10:30 am : Q&A – all age groups
10:45 am-12:15 pm : Masterclass 10-13 years
10:45 am-12:15 pm: Masterclass 14+ years
12:30 – 1:15 pm : Audition 13+ years

All applicable fees must accompany your registration. All Audition registration fees and Masterclass fees are non-refundable.

Students auditioning in person should bring a photo of themselves in 2nd tendu, facing front, with arms in second. If the student is unable to provide a photo, RWB School staff will take one before the audition. A $5 CDN photo fee will be charged prior to the audition.

To register, please complete the following registration form.
Please register your child to participate in the Audition age category based on his/her CURRENT age. (e.g. If you child is aged 12 yrs. at the time of Audition, registration should be in the 10 -12 yr. old category)
If registering more than one child, a separate registration form is required for each participant. Please complete a registration form for one child and check out fully before proceeding to the next registration.